Customer Success

Lead Customer Success Associate

Hyderabad, Telangana
Work Type: Full Time

The role of a Lead Customer Success Associate involves using data and analytics to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Also responsible for handling the end-to-end implementation for trials and Pilots with a maximum of 100 users. In a nutshell, the main goal of an onboarding specialist is to make users excited about your product and deliver an amazing customer experience. Hence, to get them to the activation point and convert them into paying users.

The primary focus is building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and working with them to identify their needs and challenges. 

Some specific roles and responsibilities of a Lead Customer Success Associate include the following:

  1. Help successfully implement the trials/ pilots for the customers.

  2. Helping new customers with account setup and implementation along with the assigned CSM.

  3. Develop metrics to understand if the trials/ pilots/ implementation is successful or not

  4. Own and create plans for product Onboarding.

  5. Handle customer queries about the product implementation

  6. Understand customer needs and try to align the product implementation accordingly.

  7. Build evergreen content and resources for customers to use for education and to drive rapid product adoption.

  8. Create repeatable processes, resources, and frameworks to use when onboarding customers.

  9. Successfully transfer your customer relationships to a customer success manager after onboarding.

  10. Lead meetings and workshops with key customer stakeholders; provide insights and recommendations to guide the engagement as well as bring prescriptive direction to move the onboarding and its actions forward.

  11. Monitor and track Onboarding program implementation progress against project timelines with accountability for qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators (i.e. Customer NPS, Time-To-Value).

  12. Close the customer onboarding program within the time frame ensuring successful delivery and adoption of the product.

Requirements /Qualifications

  • Exceptional communication skills (both verbal and written). 

  • Self-motivated with diligent work ethic, a business acumen, enthusiastic and passionate, ability to understand client needs. 

  • Drive and energy to manage multiple customers.

  • Proactive and efficient time-management.

  • 2+ years of experience as a CSA in SaaS/B2B.

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required.

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